We are proud to announce that the 19th issue of Galactic E-venture is out! It includes these great features:

The next exciting installment of the amazing space epic, When Bimblotians Attack the Earth by Julian Brashears

The next episode of The Adventures of Captain Galactic, a series by Julian Brashears

NEW!! Crossword Puzzle #17:
The Sun

Featured book review: The Minority Report by Philip K. Dick

Cosmic Jumble Contest #12 Winner

NEW!! Cosmic Jumble #13 Contest

Did You Know: NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has revealed one of the largest cosmic smash-ups ever observed?

Conclusion of Plutonian Aboard, a new short story by Julian Brashears (Chapter 4)

NEW!! Author Spotlight: Edgar Rice Burroughs

NEW!! Short Story: "Small World " by Julian Brashears

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